Music sequencer


It is a computer application, developed by infor4R, that allows you to create musical sequences from other musical themes.


From midi files (see midi concepts), which can be easily found online by internet. The application allows two phases: Study and Fusion.

Functions Study Phase

In the “Study” phase a midi file is analyzed and a number of functions can be performed on it.
The general data of the midi theme are obtained: Compass. Number of compass. Time in seconds and milliseconds. Time in microseconds. Scale and BPM.
The information of the instruments is also obtained and for each instrument: Track. Canal. Polyphony and Octaves.

In this phase it can be modified in general: Scale and BPM.

And at the level of each instrument you can: Change instrument. Disable / Enable instruments. Increase / Decrease Volume. Modify the Balance level. Change scale. Modify octaves. Change notes from bass to treble and vice versa. Modify the sequence of notes for inversion. Obtain melody, harmony and drums files for a later fusion phase.

At this stage you can now obtain original clips based on the studio midi file.

Functions Fusion Phase

Melodies, harmonies or drums can be fused on a midi control file. The control file retains the times of the original clip but merging changes the notes and sequence of notes.
In this phase, the same modifications can be made on the clip with fusions as in the study phase.

Terms of use

infor4R provides free download, installation instructions and instructions for use. It has been verified that the download file does not contain any viruses or malware. The application is delivered as is. infor4R is not committed to any further development or troubleshooting that may arise, although we will do our utmost to resolve them. infor4R is not responsible for any malfunction of the program.


It is an application that works with Java, therefore requires a Java machine, which will probably already be installed. Also require the JRE package, which if needed can be obtained from the download website of “Oracle”. In principle, installation and execution instructions are available for a Windows environment. For other Operating Systems the application also works (it is a Java app) but the installation is the responsibility of the user.

Necessary knowledge

You don’t need any musical knowledge, just that you like music. In any case you can consult the following information:

Midi concepts

Musicals concepts -I

Musicals concepts – II


To download the app and see the installation instructions go to:

Installation and Execution

Instructions for use

For how to use the application you can go to:

User Manual Initial and Study Phase.

User Manual Fusion Phase


There are a couple of tutorials:

Initial and Study Phase_Tutorial

Fusion Phase Tutorial

Additional notes

If you have an Ableton or Cubase or another music editor you can finish tuning the clip obtained through the infor4R music sequencer.

Convert to audio format (mp3)

Through the internet you have magnificent converters for example.:
1. Midi2Mp3. It’s paid.
2. Spesoft audio converter. supports midi and very easy operation.

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